VSCode сингл кавычек автоматической замены


November 2018


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Когда я выполнить Format Documentкоманду на файл VSCode Вью Component.vue заменить все одиночные кавычки строку с двойной кавычки строки.

В моем конкретном случае это правило конфликтует с конфигурацией пуха электрон-вю, которые требуют singlequote.

У меня нет красивее расширений не установлены (не prettier.singleQuote в моей установке)

Как настроить vscode, чтобы избежать этого?

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Well, like the guy (@user2982122) mentioned but instead of File go to Code -> Preferences -> Settings, then look for Quote, select Prettier and check both boxes

enter image description here enter image description here


I'm using typescript, for me it got resolved with checking "Tslint integration" flag under prettier settings (in vscode preferences):

vscode settings for prettier, fixing double quote auto formatting issue


For newbies like me:

From the menu Nav bar at the top: Select File -> Preferences -> Settings. In the search text box, type in Quote In the filtered list that appears below, look for the gear icon and next to it - "Prettier". Click on check box to enable "Prettier: Single Quote"


I dont have prettier extension installed, but after reading the possible duplicate answer I've added from scratch in my User Setting (UserSetting.json, Ctrl+, shortcut):

"prettier.singleQuote": true

A part a green warning (Unknown configuration setting) the single quotes are no more replaced.

I suspect that the prettier extension is not visible but is embedded inside the Vetur extension.


As noted by @attdona the Vetur extension includes prettier.

While you can change the prettier settings, as per the accepted answer, you can also change the formatter for specific regions of a vue component.

Here, for example, I've set Vetur to use the vscode-typescript formatter as it uses single quotes by default:

vscode vetur settings

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