мускулистая команда не найдено


April 2019


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Я новичок в node.js и пытаюсь следовать этому учебнику . Я получаю сообщение об ошибке на последнюю команду beefy game.js:bundle.js --live. Это говоритsh.exe": beefy: command not found

Мускулистая версия пакета я использую 2.1.1

sh.exe ": мускулистый: команда не найдена

Пробовала Google этой проблемы, но не смогла найти решение.

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I have not followed the tutorial in detail, but the response form the console means that the the console command or program called beefy is not installed. The first word of your input into the console will be interpreted to be a command (a little program) that will run.

For instance cd is a program to change directory and the next thing you enter will specify a directory to which to change.

beefy is not a command/console program that is in your system. (It is not a standard command.) Probably somewhere else in the tutorial you were instructed to install it in one of your various bin/ directories (where shell program commands are stored.)


TL;DR The fix: install beefy globally (on your machine not for directory only) using npm:

npm install beefy --global